Tian Li Lily Tien




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artist Tian Li Chinese Name: Tian Li
English name: Lily Tien
birth date or birth: April 30, 1967
Place of birth: China Taiwan
countries or regions: China Taiwan
Blood type: B type
Zodiac: Sheep
Height: 167 cm
Weight: 50 kg
measurements Size: Bust (34 inches); waist (24 inches); hip ( 36 inches);
Birthday: April 30
Constellation: Taurus
blood type: B type
Height: 167 cm
Weight: 50 kg
measurements: B86cm W61cm H91cm
Education: College of Design in Japan
expertise MODEL: drama, singing, hosting, form design, English, Japanese
hobbies: watching movies, dancing
favorite color: black, brown
most Favorite Country: Spain
most satisfied with their body parts: nose, skin
favorite sports: swimming, horse riding, ice skating
favorite food: Fresh seafood
favorite men Type: have a responsible heart, careful, considerate
※ TV works ※
"home Japanese Wife"
"Woman of Hong"
"Octagon ingot "
" again unscarred "(91 Bell Awards - Actress)
" Winter Fairy Tale "
" Angel Lover "
" Wild Rose without tears "
" bag monk "
"got wind"
"purple tulip"
"Red Dust"
"single women"
"Pillow Case of Mystery"
"Wind in the Fei Ying"
"Hualien the arrival of spring 26 East ward "
" Ai Xiangsui "
" See You "
" Thunderbolt MIT "(has been fixing, broadcast to the third episode)
1984 years" Heavenly Sword Dragon Sabre "ornament UNIT Liu Teh-kai Edition
1992 years "my mother took me to marry"
1992 years "Joking Empress"
1993 year "Sunset Grass outside"
2001 year "situation / Stormriders" decoration Yan Ying
2002 years "第八号当铺" decoration Guofan
2007 years "difficult woman, a woman so cruel"