Nadia Chan Nadia Chan







Real Name original name: Chan Chung Ling CHEN Song-ling
Artiste Name list: NNadia Chan Nadia Chan
Nickname Nick Name: NN loosely
Birthday Date of Birth :21-Jan-1971 1971 年 21 January Day
Family Family: Parents / Sister / Brother parent / a brother / a sister
Religion Religion: Christianity Christ
Height Height: 169 cm
Weight Weight: 52.1 kg (changing)
Chinese zodiac zodiac: dog dog
Homeplace Birthplace: HongKong Hong Kong
Education Education: University (Undergraduate) The Chinese University of Hong Kong majoring in college
religious philosophy, minor in English translation
Start of Showbiz into the entertainment Space: Year 1985 to participate in imitation of Sally prize-winning
Interests / Hobbies plurk:
Gardening, Nutrition, Astrology, Drawing, Music, Drama, Movies, Musical, Horoscope, Pottery
gardening / diet / astronomy / Painting / Pottery / movies / Constellation / culture / music / opera
Favorite Season favorite season: Autumn, Winter Fall / Winter
Favorite Animals like the animal: Dog, Penquin dog / penguin
Favorite Fruits like fruit: Watermelon, Mango, Longan watermelon / mango / longan
Favorite Colour favorite color: Pink and blue, White Baby Blue / White
Favorite Subject like Subject: Chinese literature Chinese literature
Favorite Drink like to drink: Hawthorn tea, Carambola juice, Soy milk hawthorn tea / star fruit juice / soy-based foods like
Favorite Food: Fried pancake, Lenten dumpling Green onion pancake, vegetarian dumplings
Favorite Celebrity's most admired people: Sun Yat-sen Sun Yat-sen
Favorite Actor / actress favorite actor: Tom Hanks, Meg Ryan, Robert De Niro, like the singer Maggie Cheung
Favorite Singer: Mariah Carey, Momoe Yamaguchi
Tag mantra: do not have to place so-called
Journey: Japan, Middle East, USA, Canada, South East Asian, S. Africa
Japan / Middle East / United States / Canada / Asia / South Africa
Longing think of places: South America South America
Occupation occupation: Singer, Actress singer, actor < br> Music Music Type: Chinese Pop Chinese pop
Path of the Starlight Star Pilgrim
Ever After 86 years of participation in radio's "Sally Song Contest" in the song "0:10" won the championship, thus join showbiz, filming for the TVB is 89 years of "The Wandering Songstress", popular welcomed by Hong Kong people as the "Minor singer", was unstoppable income, take the "curved according to nine months children Island, "" Xianlvqiyuan "," 92 Wu Yen "and other series. 93 Entertainment signed her record company friction, rest for a whole year in 1994, she starred in three TV series about "fate Qing Lu", "Marriage Story," "Instinct," "marriage" and "Smile" are set very high ratings, the Ever After by the media as the "Queen of the highest ratings," and a blessing to the viewing TVB. Then take the "World Hero", "Shanghai Grand" "Big O sky" and many other popular series, during which she especially loved shaping their own two roles: one is love and hate is clear, Lin Zhen Lie complex character; the other is soft on the outside on the inside, adhere to the principle of Fang Qiaorong.
since Nadia Chan also TVB filming of "Feast," "Gold Sidacaizai" and the "public and private love affairs and more" and many other television series, recently Zhanzhuan the Mainland, to the broader arts sectors.