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Name: Alphabetical
English Name: Fan Hiu-Huen, BO BO MAVIS
Birthday: February 27, 1977
Place of birth: Taipei, Taiwan
descent: Hubei Xiantao
Constellation: Pisces
Zodiac: Snake
Blood: B-type
Height: 158cm
Weight: 42kg
Blood type: B type
Languages: Mandarin Cantonese English
Education: light Yan School (Music Arts)
Collection: socks, watches, rings, earrings, bags, cards, shoes, necklaces
Hobbies: shopping, swimming, movies, talk
favorite countries: China, Japan U.S., France
favorite color: pink, black, white, blue
favorite sports: basketball, badminton, dancing, swimming
favorite food: fruit, spicy food, seafood, Coke
special expertise: piano, flute, composing, singing, dancing
the most annoying thing: examination, isolation, someone said to me: "Do you grow any higher ah!"
the most embarrassing thing: there is no because the forgetful
favorite singer: Gloria Estefan, Mariah Carey, Eddi Reader, Jacky Cheung, Faye Wong
favorite actor: Winona Ryder, Tom Hanks, Jodie Foster, Buli Ji Fonda
circle Friends: Ajas large S Small S, Fan Fan Pace Wu Zhou Xun Li Quan
greatest wish: (1) become a successful artist; (2) All friends, family health and peace forever.
most like to go places: a sunny, peaceful, warm, laughter, the beach where
favorite mantra: COOL!
favorite types of opposite sex: it feels good, thoughtful, humorous, clever, true, natural, talented
favorite singing songs way: natural, realistic, distinctive, individual
favorite movie: like me who like to watch movies I choose to be a too cruel
1977 年 born February 27 Taipei, Taiwan-year-old began to learn piano, old school music programs into the light jen,-year-old began to learn the flute, the next school were all Jen's classes through the light. In the 12-year-old year, for the first time created a class graduation song, also created the "himself" part of the song of songs. In the 14 years of age, and fill the word song, known after the completion of her first piece to. In the same year, participated in the first ad, "Orange Division Dimai" performance, then gradually began to shoot some advertising and MV, the process met the Word became his artistes. 1994, for the first time take part in film shooting, and Jacky Cheung, Zhou Haimei together in the "private eye" in the show. In 1995, Linfair release his first solo album, "Rain".
record of cooperation with Linfair five years, she released several albums little witch series, but became a household name, the children's favorite singer. For example, several first hit of singing together with Yang Junrong "Healthy Song" can be said that everyone "left three times, right three times, neck shilly shilly-ass" and hum a few words, with a cover well-known Japanese cartoon Chibi Maruko, Doraemon, Dragon Peas song, but her popularity to new heights. Apart from a small witch album, she has released several best-selling album, which features songs such as "Your sweet," "The Snowman" are also very popular. Alphabetical try to type from a lovely singer, slowly add the creation of a personal nature in the album, is still fairly successful at the beginning, but after her "pursuit of self" on the road, many contradictions and problems encountered. Finally, a few albums of temper, she gradually embark on the road producer, has ended the cooperation with Linfair record companies.
perhaps because after the record sales are not too good, so from the "masterpiece Troupe" to "Gods" and "there are other means you" It's three albums are all with different record companies. Job singing in recent years to play orchestra and performing mainly in small screen before.
Released album
1995 年 4 月 "RAIN" album
1995 年 12 month "to himself," < br> 1996 年 3 month "sweet. tears"
1996 年 4 month "Little Witch's Magic Books": 哆 啦 A Dream cover (Tinker Bell), the sequence (Doudou Long) and other Japanese animation theme song.
1996 年 6 month "Music Little Witch"
1996 年 10 month "ice cream of the prayed"
1996 年 12 month "Want to Love"
1997 年 4 month "Dance of the little witch transfiguration Variable Dance Act 1 No days "
1997 年 5 month" magic board the family Dama's Family Little Witch's Magic Book 2 "
1997 年 12 month" Merry Christmas Song "
1998 年 5 月" Darling "
1998 年 7 month "1995-1997 Alphabetical Chun Zhi's Beatles"
1999 年 11 month "I want to be with us"
2000 years "bread Fort MEMBOBOO"
2001 Years "I want to Our - MAVIS: Mavis Fan Selection "
2001 年 8 Month" masterpiece Troupe "
2003 年 1 month" coconut canned "
2003 年 3 month" Gods - Preface "
2004 年"Single" EP
2004 年 12 month "there are other means you"
2006 years "Merry Christmas Song"
2007 年 8 月 Mavis Fan & 100% Band "breakthrough" EP