Kitty Zhang Yu Qi


















Name: Zhang Yu Qi
English name: Kitty
Birthday: August 8, 1986
measurements: 35D, 24, 35
Height: 170cm
Weight: 48kg
Education: Shanghai Drama College major Performing
subsidiary native opera school: Shandong
work: "Great Teacher 2" (playing Xian Gege) "Princess's daughter" (playing Xiasi pure) "Night in Shanghai", "Yangtze River VII", "jump out "
Star Road Course: Stephen Chow another new favorite, she is 170 cm tall, measurements are 35D, 24,35, plump girl Zhang Yu of Shandong on Wai Yee. Stephen Chow, Kitty Zhang in addition to arrangements for filming with him Fanta soft drinks advertising, arranged the investment 100 million yuan, Shandong girl in his new movie "Yangtze River on the 7th," served as the female lead.
her childhood worship Stephen
advertising exposure in the last picture, in Stephen Chow, Kitty Zhang in front of a bold dance, stole the limelight Stephen Chow. According to Zhang Yu-chi said the Hong Kong manager Miss Yang, now 18-year-old Zhang Yu-chi is the childhood love dancing, singing. "Yu-chi was born in Shandong, a civil servant family, her mother in the local government office. Primary and secondary schooling completed in Shandong. Because I like dancing, acting, to test the Shanghai Theater Academy dance department. This year she will graduate at the Shanghai Theater Academy Academy . "Miss Yang said the company before the signing Stephen Chow, Kitty Zhang although little known, but because the filming of a lot of ads looks sweet, but also acted in" Great Teacher 2 "(playing Xian Gege)" Princess's daughter "( decorated Xiasi pure) and other TV shows. "Of course the rain is Jennifer Chow (Stephen Chow) and fans of Mr. Zhou is worship."
Sweet appearance captured the hearts of Stephen
Miss Yang told reporters, Zhang Yu-chi though very young, but there is 1.66 meters tall. As usual love to dance, so Zhang Yu-chi of the body particularly good, now weighs just 50 kg. Speaking by Stephen Chow saw the inside, Miss Yang Zhang Yu-chi's sweet respect is the appearance attracted Stephen Chow. "Yu-chi is the last 56 months in Shanghai in the 'Star Girl' casting was that we found. At that time, Mr. Zhou think she looks very sweet, dancing, and good body, let her sign the company." Yang Miss that, in fact, a lot of beautiful girls in the interview, but Zhang Yu Qi grown very foreign flavor, plus danced well, so it is eye-catching, won the Stephen Chow's special attention and appreciation.
accompanied by her mother signed with Stephen Chow Kitty Zhang Stephen Chow
but signed on as the new "Star Girl", has not gone smoothly. "We looked at her a full six months, until it was formally signed in January of this year. In this half year, we not only invited her hand on an acting class and a special invitation to the famous dance teacher taught her to dance all Dance system." Miss Yang said that the final nod until the permission of Stephen Chow, the company only, and Zhang Yu Qi was formally signed. "The agreement, the rain-chi very young, just 18 years old, her mother accompanied her to sign up. Signing of the contract, we did not force her, her mother also respect the views of the rain-chi. But out of respect for, our multi- times to meet in Shanghai and Yu-chi mother, let her know more about the company, both parties agree before the final signing. "Miss Yang said, so busy canceling the event by Huang Yu Zhang Qi did not affect the choice of signing rumors that Stephen Chow is not the company for 8 years. Stephen Chow movies
main attack
packaging for the new "Star Girl" Zhang Yu Qi packaging, Miss Yang said, let Zhang Yu Qi in acting, dancing, singing and developing in many ways, but in recent years the focus of development or film. "Recently, we have recommended her to director Zhang white film" Night in Shanghai ", she played a more important role, and that is one of her training. Chow The shooting commercials, she is the heroine. The company will be filming the movie give priority to her, as long as the appropriate role.
as "Yangtze River 7" The success of this as Xiao Nizi with a high reputation.
Huang to better than expected. Yeh, I am satisfied.
Zhang Yu-chi of the subsidiary in the Shanghai Drama Institute majoring in drama school performance in 2006 was touted by Stephen Chow, Kitty Zhang in addition to arrangements for filming with him Fanta soft drink ads, even in his new work, "Yangtze River VII" featuring actress in. The lucky "Star Girl" producer Stephen Chow starred in a row of Japanese film "Shaolin Girl", and writer Stephen Chow, Stephen Fung, a film directed "jump to".
2007, she was still a white Chang "night. Shanghai" in the guest corner, and audience for the first time to meet.