Jolin Tsai Jolin Tsai (1)

【JOLIN personal information】
original name: Cai Yiling, Cai according to Ling (Supplementary Note: Mrs. Tsai said Cai Yiling name is talent both in the meaning, all-round will take into account, so JOLIN was growing very well. Later changed to Choi by Ling, JOLIN in Taiwan on notice when the identity card displayed oh.)
English Name: Jolin Tsai. (Supplementary Description: J-Just Need More Time. O-One Lonely. L-Let's Dance. I-Impossible Is possible. N-Never Give Up. This is her "to just" DVD in the English name of the latest comments also summarized her efforts the past few years the process and status)
nickname: doll.
Date of Birth: September 15, 1980.
Zodiac: application monkey.
Constellation: Virgo.
Blood type: A type.
Height: 161CM. (Additional information: has not been very accurate official statement, but a few years JOLIN exercise intensity has been great, does not rule out the possibility of a long high.)
Weight: ≤ 41kg (Supplementary note: to maintain a perfect body is on JOLIN can not forget all the time, she would like idols, like Madonna, into old age remains young state, shape and physical strength. Although JOLIN say that they are easy to fat body mass, but the films she made during the Council Many naturally thin than usual.)
Birthplace: Taipei, China Taiwan.
Current Residence: Taipei, China Taiwan.
origin: China Taiwan Province, Taipei.
School: 03 sessions of English at Fu Jen University in Taiwan. (Supplementary Description: FIR singer band lead singer Zhan Wenting is JOLIN classmates).
language: Mandarin, English, Taiwanese.
home Ranking: There was a sister, ranking her second child.
faith: Taoism.
Specialty: singing, dancing, piano, English, nail painting (supplement: JOLIN broker has to leave, will fly to New York in June to see nails show, absorbing the latest fashion information)
characteristics: effort , bright, kind, honest, dedicated and hard work; be pure, can be sexy; tremendous and stage charisma, plasticity!
Hobbies: like traveling, watching movies, singing, reading books, doing nail painting, collection of health information, etc..
childhood ambition: English teachers, professional dancers, actors, nutritionist.
love animals: dogs (noun she Nazhi Bichon dog house tiger)
most afraid of animals: cockroaches.
mantra: the (sigh and a favorite adjective) en `````( response to a question most frequently occurring particle) children (which fans of the message used when the word to the spoken language of the recent upward trend )
collections: jewelry, low-waist jeans, Hello kitty doll.
favorite singing songs way: There is Power in the music.
the most annoying thing: The people hate.
favorite colors: white, black, light blue. pink.
Favorite flower: lily, white tulip.
favorite food: fruit, whole wheat toast. Vegetables [boiled] fruit, low card snack food, red meat (eg beef, but in moderation) have something hard shell (such as shrimp, crab, eating hot pot can eat, but still in the water for brush oil)
favorite number: 1019.
favorite thing: to travel abroad (in particular, and his best buddies traveling together) performance (singing only) and chat with friends, buy clothes.
favorite book: "Pride and Prejudice."
favorite actor: John Travolta, Julia Perth, Zhou with climbing, Nicolas Cage, Tom Cruise and so on.
favorite movie: "My Best Friend's Wedding" (My Best Friend's Wedding)
favorite singer: Madonna, Mariah, Kylie Minogue, Faye and so on.
most want to see: Destiny's Child Madonna Takeshi Kaneshiro.
most favorite recipes: Make your own vegetables, okra.
favorite season: the cool autumn.
favorite sports: badminton, table tennis.
the most satisfying parts of the body: eyes, eye lashes, nails, hair, arms.
most dissatisfied with their body parts: height is too short.
the most embarrassing thing: The elevator doors to.
most memorable thing: go to New York two months of study.
the most disappointing thing: study abroad failed.
favorite instruments: piano
favorite type of music: Hip-pop, R & B, Pop Rock, rich black music, Techno.
greatest wish: to do make their own happy family and things.
rumored boyfriend: Jay Chou (Double J), Luo, Eddie Lee Yi ... ...

to be a singer of the Road:
graduated from Taiwan take charge of her, and then was admitted to the University of Fu Jen Catholic text line (college and FIR's Faye for the classmate). Jolin Tsai to participate in April 1997 organized by MTV's "War for new cards," singing competition, beating more than 3,000 participants interpretation of Whitney Houston followingly songs "The Greatest Love of All" won the champion at the time . Jolin Tsai second year of formal and global international signed release first solo Mandarin album, "1019."

have a "rectification of the contract" to the current contract:
in July 2001, in front of contractual disputes broke out loudly brokers, Jolin's family that the company deducted Jolin loud too much trouble on the salary court. Finally the court, Jolin for breach of contract must compensate the company 10 million yuan loud, but loud Economics Zexu pay Jolin100 million, so Jolin just compensation loud nine million yuan. Last Jolin will be transferred to the brokerage contract's integrated marketing, contracts, also moved to Sony Music. However, the contract with Sony Music expired in 2006, settled in EMI scenery worth hundreds of millions of Tin Hau Temple, the brokerage contract transferred to the brokerage firm still shine.

media circles rating:
first debut taking pure line of popular all praise. Was sealed, "boys killer" title. After the change to go international line, fashion shape, song creation deduction, such as the exquisite dance for audiences of more biased towards Europe and the United States and Japan and South Korea Department of pop singers, was called "fashion leader" has moved out of his own "J" type style, combined with relentless "in it" type of spirit and good interpersonal relations in today's Chinese have laid a