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【March 31, 2008, Hong Kong】 a "pirated Rosamund Kwan," said Jocelyn Luko-coming supermodel With youth, health, and confident image, recently received a permanent hair removal laser skin care center authority Bella
(Bella ) and look to Chongchou hired her to become the latest brand spokesperson and went to Japan to shoot a new series of print ads, permanent hair removal laser show after Jocelyn perfect skin! Jocelyn

to a grand welcome to join Bella
the family, Bella is the time spent seven figure production costs, specially arranged for the filming Jocelyn went to Japan. Before departure, Jocelyn is more to Bella permanent hair removal laser treatment, by qualified professional advisor follow-up analysis of the skin, once to solve the embarrassing problem of body hair, delicate skin of her to do now.

Jocelyn said: "I am pleased to be Bella's voice, and the opportunity went to Shinjuku and Lake Kawaguchi in Japan shooting the series of print ads. Since joining a model since the show every time out before I will not spend less time for cleaning hair and skin care. Bella's service is really very professional, I accepted a permanent hair removal laser treatment, the feeling that the skin has become much more delicate and smooth, and body hair permanent solution to the trouble of really kill two birds! In addition, because of my skin needs to be tailor-made facial, also made my skin more flexible, which greatly improved the quality of the skin. For this cooperation can hit it off, and be so significant, the effect of surprise I really appreciate Bella. "

in Japan during filming, shooting print ads for the first time Bella's Jocelyn state Dayong, specially selected several sexy bikini and elegant spring, to show her zero defects beautiful skin. Crew team is located at the bustling streets and the Japanese cherry trees poetic film, sexy charm to create a unique city. Shooting also attracted many passers-by stood around to watch the scenes of Market hem. Ghost sister Jocelyn Tsai also admits character, wearing a bikini this time only 5-degree temperatures in the work under the most excited since her debut, the most daring one.

Jocelyn said: "I grew up in Hawaii since childhood, has been relatively cold, never been tried in such cold weather for outdoor shooting. Fortunately, sexy model walking in downtown Tokyo, or cherry trees and distinctive architecture to film, I feel fresh, with a sub-match fashion apparel, and even a stylish, so shooting feels natural, not awkward, and shooting so I am very satisfied. in the beautiful scenery and against the backdrop of the sun, not only fully shown confidence in my sexy side, but show me a perfect skin, it is also worthy of further hard work, I hope you will like me in this series of advertisements in the form. "

In addition, a public day by the staff also must Jocelyn praise for that Jocelyn detailed outline of moving, but we also lose the East the United States, even among the gestures exudes breathtaking charm and sweet smile. Outside the lens of her lovely face, no airs, and staff mix. Throughout the filming of the process, Jocelyn was very involved and professional performance, shooting more than 10 hours a day, also relied more confidently assumed a more youthful, sexy and beautiful gesture, a show of hands every move she makes are well-known model of distributed style.