Gigi GiGi Leung (1)

Chinese Name: Gigi Leung
Former name: LEUNG Bik position (after 5 years of age to Gigi)
English Name: Leung Wing Kei, GiGi.
Birthplace: Guangdong Xinhui
nickname: Tall Girl, Called
Date of birth: March 25, 1976
Place of birth: born in Hong Kong, Tsan Yuk Hospital
pounds: 4 pounds (Thus was born, in the oxygen tank 』『 sleep more than a month)
Height: 176cm
clothing size: M
pants size: 38 (leg length 43 inches)
shoe size: 39
Zodiac: Dragon
Constellation: Aries
blood type: O type
personality: outgoing
advantages: optimistic, do not hold a grudge
Disadvantages: too optimistic, do not understand the difficulties, will not do the most bad intention
vision: 500 degrees of myopia (525 degrees left eye, right eye and 500 degrees) is already treated well, concrete can be seen in Gigi Leung gigicn.com dynamic,
home where: New Territories
Health Condition: Good
family members: father (Civil Engineering Surveyor) Mother (Wedding photography shop owner), twin brother (twins) Liang Yongjun Keith (Civil Engineer)
family pets: a cat (BEBE), 5 dogs (BOBO , Ka-ming, sister , two dogs)
bedtime habits: Beijing welcomes you turn off the lights
Average sleep time: 6 - 8
kindergarten name : Cumberland Kindergarten
Primary: Hong Kong Convent Primary School (Maryknoll Convent School)
School Name: Hong Kong Maryknoll Secondary School (Maryknoll Convent School)
University: The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (Design)
language: Mandarin, English, Cantonese
Hobbies: swimming, singing, games, piano, painting, sports, bowling
good skills: piano (5), guitar, drums
most admired person: mother
the most resistant to food: Visceral
the most attention to the opposite sex body parts: eyes
join after: 15 years of age, after Granville Road was officially shooters find
join showbiz: July 1, 1995 (officially signed a management contract)
their record company: EEI [production], Warner / Fenghua [Release]
Manager Company:'s most
exciting experience: results would be released (HKCEE)
first love: the University, the object is brothers
life motto: courteous, hard work!
childhood dream: artist
Outlook: smooth
favorite people: Mom, boyfriend
favorite subject: ART Art
favorite season: Winter
favorite fruit: Strawberry
favorite types of opposite sex: loving
Favorite singer: Sandy Lam, Faye Wong, Celine Dion
favorite instrument: guitar, piano
favorite actors: Meg Ryan, Josephine, Maggie Cheung
favorite pastime: sleep
Favorite clothes: Casual Wear T shirt and jeans
favorite expressions: smile
favorite place: FLAT
favorite animal: dogs and cats
favorite color: white red, Orange Gold
favorite snack: chocolate, cake, ice cream
favorite sport: skating, bowling, swimming, water skiing
favorite beverage: juice, water
favorite movie: Star with my heart (new paradise orchestra)
favorite song: Wind beneath my wing
Favorite food: duck tongue, wax apples, betel Ruo, strawberries, ice cream, chocolate, strawberry
most Favorite countries: Egypt, Greece
favorite holiday: Christmas
favorite clothing: jeans
favorite cartoon character: BEAR BEAR Bear
favorite shot of the ad: Travel
most wanted to do: to travel
men most want to co-star: Brad Pitt, Chow Yun-Fat
most wanted female co-stars: Maggie Cheung
childhood love of the game: riding a bicycle, foot of snow clog, playing video games, guess love search, jump aircraft
childhood favorite role: film role
favorite things: singing, dogs, driving, sports, painting, more fun to find the most
like his films: heart, Jueshihao BRA
the most satisfying films: the most annoying hundred percent of subjects felt
: History
the most disagreeable weather: wet, humid weather
The most annoying person: arrogant people
GiGi Hong Kong Polytechnic University graduate who not only looks pretty, and painting, lyricist, eloquence the same class. Gigi Leung has been in the entertainment unconsciously "bubble" for several years, and she seems to always adhere to a "Lady" line, even if a rare sexy back, giving us the feeling was pure unabated ... ... pure teen idol Gigi Leung image, pressing noble temperament, made her extremely popular. gigi side of the busy filming movies, while actively recording a new album, advertising companies are also gearing up a dogfight to get people, including skin care products, fruit juices and photographic equipment, etc. Almost all advertising a large number of films in her hair came out. In 2003, Gigi was the "Hong Kong Outstanding Young Person" of honor,
Gigi at the age of 27 award-winning, becoming the youngest ever winner.

1995 年
with "Chariots of Fire" was nominated for the 15th Hong Kong Film Awards Best New Artist
1996 年
the eyes of most journalists Welcome Newcomer
Hong Kong Award for Most Popular New Hit Song Jin became well-known pop songs
Hong Kong Commercial Radio Hong Kong, Hong Kong and Taiwan
new Gold Award for best new
upstart Hong Kong Metro Radio Gold Diamond Heart Award
Hong Kong media voted the "Best Newcomer Award staff"
the first Hong Kong voted dreams
nominated Best New Artist Hong Kong Film Awards
Jade Solid Gold Hits third-quarter of the election season " love their "
Jade Solid Gold's most popular third-quarter new awards season election
Cable YMC Extreme Extreme Cantonese song list:『 love as you like
Park Jin Bao Folk Award: "love themselves"
Metro King reported that the new female singer
Radio Television Hong Kong debut the most promising new silver
Billboard Awards my favorite Chinese film: "hundred percent feeling"
Billboard Awards female vocalist of new recruits Gold < br> Jade Solid Gold Best New Artist